Friday, February 08, 2008

Make Gear, Not Art....

Luckily, my artist's block hasn't extended to my sewing machine. Due to the two weeks of -20F to -40F temperatures we've been having, I haven't been skiing a lot. Of course, I am thinking about skiing a lot---hence the new project of outfitting Fromage and I with some cold weather gear. I can't afford to buy this stuff, so I've been clever and enterprising and made some stuff, myself. Above is a picture of ski overboots I made to fit my boots----out of a lightweight coat scavenged from the Transfer station and a felted wool sweater (also from the TS). Of course, I bought the pom poms.... The velcro flys are made from the collar of a raincoat....from the TS, of course.

Second pair of ski overboots, made from military insulated lining clothes. (Nice, because they have shell material on both sides, and they're quilted already...) These are for approx. size 10 man's boots, but with a lot of elastic, they actually fit boots a size on either size of that. Unfortunately, they seemed to be too roomy, too puffy. I was concerned that when one would ski with these on, when the foot is flexed, the boot would pooch out and rub......

So I added velcro on each side of the foot, as well as 2 pieces on the back. This really makes the overboots more.....tidy.

All of the boots have a strap underneath the heel to keep them on. I'm thinking they'll need a second strap of some sort to keep the toes from slipping up and over the boot... But I have to actually field test them to find that out....

Knowing that I wanted to make ski pole pogies and also more boots with more insulation, I invested in a sleeping bag from Value Village for $10.00.

The lining of the sleeping bag was flannel, and in cold weather, Cotton Kills! I took out the flannel and replaced it with taffetta. The nice thing about the sleeping bag is that the filler was already a little compacted, making it much easier to sew.

Here are the ski pole pogies, all done! I finished the edges with strips from the aforementioned raincoat. A bit of velcro on the pole opening makes it so one can snug the pogie in place.

Also, being the female of the species, I was driven to make some fancy designs---just some free sewing with yellow thread. For a pair of pogies for Fromage, I'll make some designs that are less....cute.

And here's the shot to describe how one actually uses ski pole pogies! And why am I modeling this stuff indoors? It was -24F this afternoon, and my digital camera would be unable to work in that temperature.....freezes up immediately!

Fromage took the pogies on a ski this afternoon and proclaimed them "Freakin' Awesome!" except for a tendency to slip a little, which a little elastic cord will fix.

So far, so good.

I'm going to make a lot more.


bugheart said...

so awesome.
i wish i was
as good
a sewing machine.
your little

Jules said...

i want some!!! seriously, let me know if you make extras - i'll pay good $. been wanting to buy some - and would love recycled ones way more. you should start a side business!

Carson said...

Oh hurrah, now I know what pogies are! :) Thanks
You are quite the canny and resourceful recycler aren't you? I must say the whole ensemble looks fab.
As an Australian, I just can't even begin to imagine the need for such outfitting!

joe shlichta said...

sometimes you just gotta take a break from the art thing. i am gardening in my backyard this month. its great.

Jules said...

yes, SERIOUSLY, i would love some pogies, even though I would like to think that was the end of the cold snap (for this year at least). it would be super cool if you could design one pair that works for ski poles or bikes, but guess that would be hard. i also would like a new jacket for my dog... tons of things you could make from that sleeping bag! i wish i had patience with a sewing machine, but i really don't - so i'm happy to buy from creative and resourceful folks like you!