Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Making Art and Taking Names

Priming the painting surface. I'm using 1/8" birch veneer plywood---smooth, lightweight, and good to paint on. I've found I like a good, solid painting surface. The wiggly nature of stretched canvas just doesn't do it for me right now. I have oodles of prepped canvases in a stack in the studio....so they'll just have to wait! I'm using acrylics, and once again I'm tempted by the siren song of gold leaf.

A wee sneak preview for you. (This is only a very small area...) I'm in love with this one and think about it constantly. It's whizzing right along.

I'm finally painting for hours a day...it's such a relief! In looking at journals/calendars from the last few years, I'm seeing a pattern of increased art productivity in Spring and Autumn.

The temperatures have returned to balmy +20 these days----skiing returns! All is looking up in my world.


brittany said...

oh wow, I really love the colors in that green piece... I am very intrigued what the rest looks like.

leslita valentina said...

ooooo....love that. It's so fun to see how your art is changing!

leslita valentina said...

um, apparently my name is now "leslita valentina", in case your wondering who left that comment-- leslie

Karen Travels said...

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Hope all is well.

So, I think you told my the Milepost was in the mail...maybe I misread...either way, I have not receveid it yet. :(

Not that I need until August...just wanted to make sure it wasn't lost!

Moving to Alaska is becoming more of a reality everyday!