Saturday, March 29, 2008

Working and Painting

A pre-race view from last Saturday at the 50km SoNot race at Birch Hill. Fromage got a post-warm up ski brush from Aelin Peterson. On the left is Matt Kasvinsky, Henry's friend and SoNot training partner. Matt decided to to the 20km race. Trails freshly groomed, a chilly day, but bright and blue skies....

Start of the race! The start/finish is ususally on the Chena River, but due to +40 F temps last January, there was too much thin ice and a surprising amount of open water to safely hold the race there. Maybe next year, when I want to attempt this race! You can see Fromage in the center, just lifting his poles to step into V1.

He started out very strong---at the inital aid station (where folks hand out water and gatorade to racers) he came around the corner smiling, in the top ten, looking like it wasn't any effort at all. Unfortunately, he crashed around the 20th km on a downhill. Thinking that he'd fallen on his side on the thumb tab on his pole (hard plastic), he was in quite a bit of pain. At around 28km, I saw him again---hunched over and only skiing with his left arm. At this point, he was sure he'd broken a rib, and had to leave the race. After all his training and hard work!.....I felt so bad for him.

A week later now and he is still in pain----sure that he has a cracked rib and very bruised muscles. Skiing is out, but he is already training on his bike indoors for the cycling season. My husband!

My hard work is all in the studio. Here is a vignette from "Grove," finished just 2 days ago. The Shape is here in all of its OCD, repetitive glory. No, I didn't use any kind of template to draw the repeating branches: it's all freehand. I'm a sucker for punishment. I loved drawing the orchids in the fine white lines. I knew that would be the most fun part of the painting----kind of the cherry on top, you know? This painting has already engendered about 3 others like it. They are labor intensive, so all the more reason to get to work today. I have 4 working weeks and then the final framing week before the opening of my solo show on May 2nd. Yikes.....

The worktable. For all of my organizing and cleaning, this table NEVER looks tidy.

Now, to work.


bike&beer said...

what a bummer for fromage! i hope he recovers quickly... a bruised rib can be a pain, literally! great leaves, great pattern... something about the repetitive pattern is sooo soothing. i love it. xo

johnny said...

TELL the big H is said good try... I really am blown away by the orchid painting.............. all the work shows