Monday, September 01, 2008

Up North

Fromage and I headed up North to visit a friend at their mining claim. This was the vista for miles and miles---rocky tundra and beautiful fall colors.

The two Waynes at the mine.

Fromage and I headed out on a four-wheeler (a.k.a. ATV) to explore the countryside a bit and have a cup of tea somewhere...

These are boots of Eero---kicking back in my element.



The Waynes were generous to offer us some of their tailings---we found some great flat rocks for landscaping projects I'm working on.

So, now it's September....
August was for garden harvesting and food collecting/storage.
This month is for firewood hauling: gotta oil up the chainsaw.

1 comment:

bugheart said...

i love
the idea
of a cup of tea
after an ATV ride.
only eero.