Friday, October 17, 2008

Horseman's Star

Yes, it's winter.
Yes, it's only +2F outside my front door today.
Yes, the car is plugged in and there's a fire in the woodstove.

None of this matters to the beautiful flower which is gracing my studio this week! A friend brought some bulbs back from Hawaii last February and gave them to me, knowing I was savvy with the green, living things. (This happens more and more often as my reputation spreads for having a talented Green Thumb.) Their stipulation was that if the bulbs grew and thrived, they'd want one back, and I could keep the other. Of course, said friend had no actual idea what the bulbs were....

They could report on the beautiful orange color, and that was it. No info on leaf shape, petal shape or number, flower shape, etc. I had to just wait and see what the bulbs would give me.

I've nurtured the bulbs for months, tucking them in with my orchids. This is the gorgeous result!

I began doing research once the flower buds formed. Tricky business..... Bulb like a Hyacinth, leaves like an Amaryllis, buds like a Daylilly. The Amaryllis lead was the best one, that and via a marathon googling session, I stumbled upon a blog where the writer linked Amaryllis with a post titled, "Naked Ladies and Hippie Ass Trims." (Who would've thought?)

'Hippie ass trims' is the convenient pronunciation for Hippeastrums, a genus in the family Amaryllicdacea. I'm no botanist, but I'm doing pretty good with the research! The Greek origin of the genus name translates as, "Horseman's Star." I think that name is just beautiful.

Hippeastrum puniceum, which seems to be what these bulbs are----from visual comparisions of pictures online, only----is also known as Barbados Lily. Another sexy name.

One bulb is blooming beautifully, the other seems to be along for the ride at this point.

In the deepening winter days, these blossoms are a bright sun.


les said...

and look at all that sunlight coming through the window yet...aaaahh.

Horseman's star-- that is beautiful. It would be interesting to know how that name came about...who named it and when? Hmm....

k said...

I'm not certain if this is a personal blog for your friends and family, but i'll take the risk and hope i'm not offending .Fantastic art. Great photos. Definitely enjoyable to see a depiction of a life encompassing climates and terrains far different than my own.Look forward to seeing more of your work.

Sheree Rensel said...

This is such a beautiful picture. The flower is gorgeous, but the juxtaposition of it next to the window with the light streaming in is fantastic!

Oh and your bike ride photos. Argghhhh!!! You know I do bike hikes too. I usually mention them on my (almost) defunct fitness blog. I will have to do an art vlog incorporating one of my bike journeys!! There are no snow flurries on my trips though. Tee hee hee

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

That sure is a "Hippie ass trim."

Only 2F up north! And I thought it was cold here in Oregon today - 35F this morning.

I considered moving to Alaska when I left California but I didn't want to sacrifice the hundreds of South African lilies that I have collected over the years.

johnny said...

It just DON'T gey any better than that!!! It's like moving into a new house, and getting to know the yard over the next year or so...seeing what will come up and surprise you....Congrats...I know you were so diligent to get this to all the things you throw yer heart n' soul deserve it....
PS: SHERREE RENSEL: luv yer quewl!

bugheart said...

green thumb
never ceases
to amaze me!