Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My World

It's been snowing off and on for three days. Temps this morning were +18. We've had the woodstove going for about a week now: Winter is really here.

To inaugurate winter, Team Sharema put on skis and went out for the first ski of the season. We'd been at it an hour, skimming along on not-completely-snow-covered trails when Shannon asked me, "Is there a reason that your poles are so different?"

I looked at them and realized that one was my pole and one was Fromage's......three inches difference in height, different color, different basket, you name it! I was so excited about skiing, I didn't even notice... (Fromage thought this whole incident very funny when I told him...)

My fellow Alaskans in the Blogosphere are talking about winter (and skiing!):

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Winter up here heralds a totally different way of living daily life as well as a different focus on projects and goals. This winter I'll be spending a lot of time in my studio, preparing for my May solo exhibit at The Alaska House Gallery. Also, I'll be working (!) and hopefully skiing my ass off whenever and wherever possible.

What are you doing this winter?


Artalexis said...

That pretty place to live…. Greetings

painter girl said...

The snow looks so beautiful. I am jealous of your winter though I imagine it can get hard. Our winter is so mild these days and it doesn't even really get cold until mid to late December. So we spend a lot of time in the yard. I am working on attracting crows to the new house hoping to establish a connection with the crows that live in the woods behind the house. And making art...of course. Can't wait to see what new paintings you make.

Lili of the Valley said...

I am working on getting Big D to enjoy skiing! Perhaps we could do a ski trip with bee-tea adventure?!

Anonymous said...

ahoy..i see that you have letterboxing as i link. Do you letterbox? i live in Kodiak and we can box all winter long. In Anchorage there are boxes inside to find. Wintering boxing is almost as good as night boxing. i'm glad i found your blog.
Now go catch a snowflake on your tongue

bugheart said...

you always
remind me
that i
have NO idea
what winter is.
as for
what i am
and extracting
their dna...
and knitting