Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Team Sharema: 58.1 miles

Starting out!

Temperature: +32 F

Around mile 30----snow flurries! Fun to ride through. Quiet and beautiful.

Shannon rides through the snow. There were flurries on and off all day and more snow on the ground the closer we got to the springs. We were lucky that it melted on contact with the road---no ice for delicate road tires....

...but there was glass (or something) for delicate road tires! Fixing our one flat....mine.

Shannon's feet started to get cold, so she put on her DIY overboots made from a pair of fluffy fleece socks her mom sent her. You can't tell in this picture, but the socks have little paw prints all over them. Totally cute, funny and according to Shannon---very warm!

Celebrating the half-century mark!

Shannon's first half-century.

The finish line: Chena Hot Springs! After this, we drank beer, soaked in the outdoor rock pool and ate dinner.

Amy and Tom. They were at CHS to celebrate Tom's birthday.

Not pictured is Fromage: our drop-off and pick-up man. He met us at the Springs and drove our tired asses back home.

And now?

More rides?

Maybe we can sneak in some frosty mountain biking...but this morning, the world is covered in a couple of inches of snow.....this might be IT: winter has started.

Farewell road biking until next spring.....sniff.....


Anonymous said...

That sounds like you had an AMAZING ride (despite the tire incident)!

bugheart said...

that's so
talk about
in snow!
astrid & i
don't even
to cycle
in the rain.
such wimps.

Lillian said...

Hallo Eero! Congrats on the ride & greetings from Seattle.

Hope you are well, you seem to be so.