Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I spent some time at the gallery today getting a good look at what came in from the artists in the Countenance show. Although there was an incredibly wide variety of materials present in the masks, they all seemed to fall into one of three catagories: creepy, serious or funny. The trick in arranging the artworks for the show was in NOT having too many creepies in one place, or funnies taking over an entire wall, etc. You get the idea.

My very favorite was an abstract mask sculpture by Hanna Stevenson. I'll have to post a picture of it sometime. It's so damn beautiful!

The gallery folks agreed with me that we shouldn't expect much of a crowd at the opening. The partial solution to this is to have a closing party at the end of the month, as well. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate then.

Speaking of weather, the lowest temperature I saw on the reader signs around town was -43. There is heavy ice fog all over the valley and visibility is down to a quarter mile, I'd say. This is a shot outside the gallery lot, 4:00pm.

This cold is surreal!

Regardless, Fromage and I are going out to meet some friends at the local watering hole for some New Years festivities. The Golden Eagle Saloon always has fireworks and a giant pot of moose stew on the woodstove to share on this night. I don't like bars as a rule, but this one has a specific kind of rough charm. Everything is made of plywood and dogs were only recently banned from hanging out indoors (they got into too many fights). A lot of miners hang out here, so there's a friendly, dirty, hairy and very Alaskan crowd all the time.

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2009 bring you the best of whatever it is that you hope, search, dream and work for.



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