Friday, February 15, 2008

Make Food, Not Art

Here is another vision of my personal heaven---good ski trails! This was yesterday....

Fromage and I on White Bear. We made a brief stop on the trail (so I could catch my breath) and I asked him if he knew that it was Valentine's Day. He said, "Yeah! Here it comes!" and gave me a smooch with his frosty, drippy moustache. That was my present. Funny guy.

I've been skiing every day this week because Fromage took me here for my Birthday. New skate skis! Woo Hoo! They're Madshus----the ones with the FLOWERS on them. And they totally, totally ROCK my world.

Still no art being made, but after a slew of productivity at the sewing maching, I shifted to the kitchen. This is a calzone, or rather, a ratzone. Heh, heh. The eyes are peppercorns, of course.

All lined up and ready to go in the oven.....

And out of the oven. Each one full of sausagey-cheesey goodness.

Each one is a little different from it's mates....

Don't you just want to bite it's little head off? This one does seem to have the sad little puppy look..... I made them in preparation for a little outing tomorrow.

When I do creative stuff like this, I always think to myself, "5 years of private art school..."