Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Making Art and Taking Names

Priming the painting surface. I'm using 1/8" birch veneer plywood---smooth, lightweight, and good to paint on. I've found I like a good, solid painting surface. The wiggly nature of stretched canvas just doesn't do it for me right now. I have oodles of prepped canvases in a stack in the studio....so they'll just have to wait! I'm using acrylics, and once again I'm tempted by the siren song of gold leaf.

A wee sneak preview for you. (This is only a very small area...) I'm in love with this one and think about it constantly. It's whizzing right along.

I'm finally painting for hours a day...it's such a relief! In looking at journals/calendars from the last few years, I'm seeing a pattern of increased art productivity in Spring and Autumn.

The temperatures have returned to balmy +20 these days----skiing returns! All is looking up in my world.