Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Art+Work+Skiing = Life

Studio view with "Grove" in progress. I've been spending a lot of hours with this painting. After falling totally in love with the underpainting, I went ahead with the planned detail elements---and promptly fell out of love with it. Urgh. Still, it's an interesting experience to have had. My enjoyment of the underpainting really points out to me that I am ready and eager to move onto a much more painterly style of working.
My solo exhibit is approaching fast. I am spending most free hours in the studio. Work, Art and a wee bit of skiing still squeezed in there make up my life.

And here is another sneaky view of "Grove." I can't show you the entire thing until it's finished. It'll jinx it. The trouble I'm encountering with this new work is that it is incredibly detailed. This means that each piece it taking me much, much longer to make. I am enjoying the hell out of them, though. For several pieces in the show, I'm drawing on the painting surface with a fine calligraphy nib in acrylic inks.

Other news in Eero World?

Fromage is skiing the SoNot on Saturday---a 50 km skate ski race. Due to warm temperatures and thin ice, part of the race that was to be on the river has been moved. Read about it here.

My sister Lily of the Valley is expecting another wee bambino in August! YAY! My 3 yr. old niece, upon being asked what she thought we should name the baby, carefully whispered in my ear, "Milkshake!" So---a sweet little Milkshake is on the way. So exciting. I love these kids my sister is making, they rock my world. I love being an Auntie.

My friend and fellow skiier, cyclist and artist Sara Tabbert has been awarded the Denali Artist in Residence for 2008. This is a very prestigious award in AK and an amazing opportunity to make some fabulous art. The awarded artist gets to stay in the Murie Cabin IN Denali National Park for 2 weeks and roam the landscape. I apply for this every year, and know my time will come eventually. Congratulations Sara!

Time to get to work on a new painting.

5 Weeks until opening night.

Wish me luck.