Sunday, March 30, 2008

17.5 hours of art...

It's been a successful weekend in the studio---over 17 hours of painting. I'm thankful to Fromage, who has been cooking dinner and generally keeping the house running while I'm chained to my easel. The end result of the weekend's efforts is this painting, "Tempest," 3'x4', Acrylic on wood. (This is, again, just a small view of it.) Many hours of drawing each object, then painting them in with a very small brush and FM Acrylic Ink. The nuts are gold leaf, which gave me an entirely different set of problems. For kicks, because I'm a natural quantifier, I try to estimate how long a painting will take. This one, at half-way through looked to ask for another 5 hours, took another 10, due to problems with the gold leaf. It's labor intensive material, but oh, so worth it! When the light hits the surface of this painting at an oblique angle, the nuts actually seem to float off the surface.

And this is totally my odd sense of humor here....the golden nut. I laugh everytime I say that!

An item of my inspiration: Fortune Cookies. I use one daily to hold in my left hand as I paint it from different angles with my right. Then, at the end of the day, I get to eat it and see what my fortune is for that days work.

I had to lay another big painting on wood on the floor to be able to draw flowing branches with the right, even, swooping curves.....couldn't do it while it was on the easel. My pallette on the painting looked like it was floating.

It's amazing that I suffered through so much artist's block this winter. Now, the painting is coming so easily that I wear out before the inspiration does. Right now, my right hand and arm are aching from holding the small brushes all day and painting in intricate patterns. If not for having to go to work tomorrow morning, I would just spend 8 hours a day in my studio. I could use it, given that I have.......(calculating).........25 working days until I need to frame all of this work for the exhibit.