Friday, April 11, 2008

Art Update

Hours of every day have been delineated to work time and studio time. I get in an hour of painting before work, then, after 8 hours at the Greenhouse, another two or three more of painting. I'm well on track for this show at last, thankfully, as I only have 15 working days and 6 framing days to complete the exhibit. So far, so good. I can't help but think what I could accomplish in my art career if I were able to keep up this dedication, focus and productivity....

Above is another Grove painting...could be a nice, fat series developing here. This one may be titled "Canopy" and looks really good upside down, as well. Details to be added soon---the image here is an incomplete painting. Size is 3'x5'. Look at all that obsessive compulsive Shape making!

And another shot of the original "Grove." This one seems to have struck a chord with many people that have seen previous snippets of it on this blog. I hope to strike a chord with an Alaskan buyer who is sick of the continued snowy days and winter landscape....someone with deep pockets who truly needs some tropical imagery around their cabin.

Fellow artists out there may recognize this sentiment---I feel a deep thankfulness and gratitude towards "Grove." It was the outrider for a whole new series of works. The first painting of a new genre may not always be good, but it's brave. Often, it has a nascent power; very fresh and innocent somehow. Anyway---I love looking at this one. Sometimes, for a show, I'll stack the paintings as completed to get a thrill out of the growing heap. "Grove" gets pride of place on the studio wall to make sure it inspires me and the other paintings to greatness.

Gold Leaf! Incredibly challenging to work with----it's so delicate that errant breezes in the studio can literally blow any attempt to apply it on the canvas. It has such great presence in a painting that one can't get any other way---gold powders and paints just don't get the same light refraction! It's real gold leaf or nothing. (Well, composite gold leaf, anyway....don't think I can afford the "real" real thing.) Just when I think I'm done with this element, it returns in ever greater quantities. A viewer of my show, "9 North: Multimedia Alaskan Perspectives," made a comment that they didn't like the glitzy look of the gold. 'Glitzy' is a pretty bad word to lay on my art.....but I took it like a trooper.

This painting, "Garden Apotheosis" practically completed itself this week. There is a fantastic experience in making anything, when you reach a state of full understanding with whatever you've put your hands to and each choice is very simple, clear cut, and executed with direct grace. Paintings like this practically paint themselves. (There are other paintings which whine and beg and moan and talk in confusing riddles. ) This painting advanced several ideas at once in the series I'm working on. Yay! I am happy to report that "Garden Apotheosis" feels like a complete success.

I honestly have NOTHING else to report in my life except for painting.

I do have a list I've titled, "May" on which I write everything else in my life that I need to attend to----everything that is on hold until the show opening is over on May 2nd. It's getting to be a rather long list....