Friday, April 18, 2008

The Work Continues: Two weeks and counting

I can go on and on about artworking, which does take up many hours of my time. Of course, I do have a "day job," which is working at a commercial greenhouse. This is a view of my office. It's pretty lovely going to an environment equivalent to Hawaii everyday----oxygen, humidity, natural light and green, green growing beauty everywhere. I get a decent wage AND really like my boss and co-workers.

When I first started working here six years ago, I felt like I had found my place and my people! Here was a group of very hard working women who loved plants, loved working in the soil, were well-educated and spent their free time in the winter months traveling the world. It keeps me coming back every season. I only wish I could get a similar job in the winter... The seasons are so dramatic here and the winters so long, dark and cold that greenhouse operations shut down for 5-7 months of the year. No call for plants of any kind when it's -40F outside and there's 3 hours of daylight.

Speaking of winter....

This is a view of outside the greenhouses.... Winter has not yet released it's hold. As I write this, it's snowing even more. A forecast for a paltry inch of snow overnight looks like 3-4 on my car in the driveway....urgh.

More than enough reason to stay in the studio today and work on the continued series of paintings.

This is one of the new ones from last weekend's heroic 20+ hour effort. "Inflorescence." 24"x30", Acrylics, gold leaf on wood. This is only a small section of it. I do love to line up images in perfect grids, as you've seen in previous posts of my paintings. This one required some offbeat composition work with the gold leaf. Kind of a nice change. I'm drawing in the Iris with red FW Acrylic ink and a very, very small paintbrush. I tried using a calligraphy nib, but couldn't find one that gave me the right line and wouldn't hang up on or scrape up the delicate gold leaf. Overall, this painting isn't as successful as say, "Garden Apotheosis," but it does have a certain something....

Now---on to more work. Two weeks from today is opening night of my exhibit. I have one week to put finishing touches on paintings, then 5 days to frame, then all goes to the gallery. Stressful schedule.