Sunday, November 02, 2008

Update, in general....

1. I got a new job. I'm the Branch Manager for the new Alaska Geographic bookstore. OK pay, not so OK benefits....we'll see how it goes. It's a job, you know?

First things first; we have to build the store.

2. I made Ratzones again! Can anyone out there think of a more palatable name than that? It's a rodent, it's a calzone, it's........

A close-up of the cutest one. He's wearing a little hat. I ate him.

3. Three paintings in the annual juried 64th Parallel show. Someone said I'd gotten an Honorable Mention, but there were no tags indicating that...
Many good comments on "Tempest" (red painting on the left). At my solo show back in May, this painting garnered only curiosity as to my motivation for painting it----not all that positive. Goes to show you that if a work doesn't 'do well' in one scenario, take it somewhere else.

4. Lastly, a new bud on my Paphiopedilum. She's months ahead of schedule, but hey, I'm not in charge! This just tells me that she's happy and she loves me.
I've tucked all of the orchids in their plastic-wrapped shelf unit for the winter. This way, I can give them tropical temps and humidity while the rest of the house is dry and chill.
With the orchids this year is my Echium pininana; needing the light and moisture to be happy, as well. This guy has a lot of names: Tree Echium, Tower of Jewels, Pride of Tenerife, and Giant Viper's Bugloss. It's about 10" high now, but maybe in three years, it'll be at it's full, glorious and blooming height of 12-14 feet. Fun!