Monday, November 17, 2008

Winter blossom

The lovely paphiopedilum fully open. She's so undemanding. A lot of flowers have flash and a style that demands a certain kind of attention and regard. My girl here just is what she is----complex and unique with no baggage. She's got a great, quiet dignity.

Sometimes, when my orchids bloom in winter like this, I feel apologetic that I can't also provide them with a wasp or fly or some kind of insect to crawl around on them, at least imitating pollination. I think they'd like the massage, you know?

This little girl is helping to keep my spirits up (a losing battle, unfortunately.) Introducing Masdevallia 'Angel Tang.' Can you just believe that name! It's as cute as she is! What I've so far been unable to photograph is the soft little hairs all over her uni-petal-----(sepal, whatever---botanists, don't correct me!) at a certain angle, they blush this amazing purple color. Seriously vivid. Kind of a neon violet. Angel Tang has her little surprises. I've been keeping her by my bed lately....I lay down and just look at her. Helps a bit.

And now for something completely different.....
My Halloween pumpkin, frozen solid.

Soon enough, some lucky moose will come by and crunch it down. Moose LOVE frozen pumpkins. I've seen two moose actually fight over a frozen pumpkin, bodyslamming each other away from it! This was in our cabin in the swamp several years ago. They actually bodyslammed into the cabin a couple of times, shaking the structure. Moosequake.

Me? Life?
Just trying to survive winter at this point.
No energy or inspiration.
It's called Seasonal Affective Disorder.
It's supposed to be -20F this week and we're losing 6 minutes of daylight every day. We're down to just under 6 hours of light. The first and last hours of that are a dim, drawn out sunrise and sunset of half-light.

I think I need to go out and buy myself one of those expensive S.A.D bulbs......

Or a trip to Hawaii.