Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm doing something right...

Watering the orchids on Friday the 12th. I did a detailed inspection of everyone in the Herd and found tiny bloom spikes forming on 3 phalaenopsis, one oncidium and one dendrobium!

Sadly, I also found a fat, mature scale hidden in the leaf fold of the cattleya. I've managed to keep the infestation in check, but I've never been able to totally eradicate them. I'm leery of using insecticides because the orchids are so sensitive....I don't want to hurt them.

Bad close-up detail...

Mature scale look like brown chitons. Simple version: they mature into a cap that holds hundreds of wee progeny that under a microscope, look like creepy little jellybeans.

I had a moment of pure joy when I found flower buds on the cattleya!!! This is a plant that my sister found abandoned by someone at the offices where she works. She gave it to me to foster, and after many months, it began to show signs of recovery.

It's cattleya 'Secret Love.' I get to look forward to somthing like this!

Since we can't go to Hawaii this winter, I'll at least get SOMETHING tropical in my life.