Friday, December 26, 2008

Frozen River

Fromage and I went for a walk down to the river. In his surveying of some nearby property, he found this old car hidden in the woods and sunk into the snow. I couldn't get any exterior shots of it because too many trees had grown up around it and snow blanketed everything.

Fromage in the new Steger Mukluks I bought for him.

The frozen river. Not enough snowmachine trails to make skate skiing possible. This spring, I'd really like to ski the 50 river miles to the nearby village of Nenana. I've had friends that did it in one day! Fromage thinks it would have to be an overnight with snowcamping. Could be a great adventure! I could really use one...

Eero in the snow. The landscape was shrouded in a constant snowfall. One could see the far ridgeline, but only dimly. The temperature was around +5F that day...

I've not made any color corrections to these images! The light really does get blue at sunset around 3pm. We are gaining daylight now, past the shortest day of winter solstice: a whole 3 hours and 40 minutes of daylight. We're gaining over a minute a day, back towards the hectic 3 months of summer daylight.
Honestly, for all the novelty of this landscape and it's dramatic seasons, I REALLY would like to live somewhere with more balanced light and darkness. I've realized that I make a lot of art in spring and autumn---the only times I get to experience bright days and dark nights. Funny, eh?