Monday, January 19, 2009

2009, Truckin' along....

I found this quilt in a dumpster about 2 years ago----(read my original post about it)----it's a simple square and border pattern, but has hand embroidered names all over it. Amazing find! With a little internet roaming, I found the church it originated from, as embroidered on the central panel. I emailed them that I'd found something with their name on it and asked when the Rev. Mark Elliot D. D., Rector had been at their church----1949-1974, they wrote back. (His sweetly awkward embroidered name in doubt he sewed it, himself!) The secretary who intercepted my email was really excited to hear from me, so I sent pictures and a description of the quilt, the day I found it and it's current condition-----a little wear and tear, but easily repaired by moi. Haven't heard back yet, but I'm waiting. How cool is this!!??

A hiatus from the blog lately as there isn't much to report. It seems that I share the phenomenon of recovering from the trials of 2008 with many people! Here, on the eve of a new and very hopeful presidency, I and many others are taking stock of Life, the Universe and Everything.

Good luck, Obama: you're going to need it!

He's inheriting problems that have had thin patches put on them since the Clinton era.... He has his work cut out for him. I wish him wisdom and fortitude in the next 4 years. Heck, I wish it for all of us.

And a report from the frozen north?
The cold weather finally broke! After weeks of -40F and colder, it soared to +45F and all the snow slid off the roof, melted, iced.... Crazy bi-polar weather (little joke there, ha ha). Needless to say, I've been skiing my ass off, taking advantage of any and all digits on the plus side of the thermometer. For a few days, it felt like we'd all been let out of prison!

I'm working on paintings for a show in May---pix to come at some point, sure.

I'm working on taxes.....hmph.

I'm watching a fat bud on my rescued Cattleya turn a lovely shade of lavender and plump up in preparation for it's grand opening-----so exciting!!!

Old cat still alive. Check.

Gonna see my pregnant friend Dena in a few weeks----she's like the budding Cattleya; plump and in preparation for her grand opening----again, SO EXCITING!

Trying mightily to keep my head and heart out of the black depression that engulfed me this winter. Check......


Sheree Rensel said...

That is a COOL quilt story! You are so lucky you saved it from ruin!! It is even more cool that you could locate where it was created.
I have a quilt. I didn't find it. I bought it. I love the mystery behind it. Also, it is such a beautiful artifact.
Here is a pic:


The BOY's Mom said...

We're going to have fun while you're here...I promise! (:

johnny said...

Hey...glad to hear all's well....haven't sent letter, because there are pictures to go with it that I havent pick-up from the corner store...maybe I'll do it right now.....