Saturday, March 21, 2009

Getting down the root level

A new painting, almost finished. The working title is, "It is Never Lost."

I'm working a layer of white ink drawing in behind the black inked areas. Tough going....I can't pre-draw in these shapes because any other materials darken the white....

Gold leaf rings in the underneath. Why? Still thinking about that.


I have a scant 5 weeks before this group of paintings is due at the gallery.



painter girl said...

Simply amazing work. Love the white drawing behind the black. Can't wait to see all of the pieces for this show.

Eero said...


Leslie said...

Hey E!
it's about time I checked out your blog - looove the Cptn Crock Pot and your getup too-
also looove the new art as usual. specially the roots with gold leaf rings!
Hope you're having fun playing in the dirt and Happy Easter!