Monday, March 02, 2009

Making Art

The current scene on the worktable...

Background of Alizarin Crimson, and a facsimile thereof with cadmium red and burnt umber. Gold leaf, so carefully! Then a titanium white overpainting. I love a really flat white ground.

In progress----the nails are drawn on with FW Acrylic inks and a fine point steel calligraphy nib. (Glutton for punishment, yes.) I sketched in the spacing and composition for the nails with willow charcoal. I counted the lines after figuring out their final arrangement: 111. Lately, EVERYTHING in my paintings has given me auspicious numbers, even when I don't plan it or anticipate it.
The funny thing is that I don't particularly 'believe' in numerology or astrology or just about any "-ology," for that matter. Still, the strange confluences of numbers in my recent paintings lead me to believe that something is going on.....

Close up. I laid paper on the surface so as not to smear or damage the surface while doing the drawings. I could draw 10 or so nails, then would rest my eyes and hand.

Acrylic, gold leaf, ink on birch board

Finished last month and sent off to the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center for the "Reflections on Alaska Statehood: the 49th at 50" exhibit which will be up for 5 months.

Speaking of auspicious numbers, I counted the nails on this piece after it was completely done and found 36----my age!

I have a solo show opening in May at The Alaska House Gallery. I figure I need 12-15 paintings for this show. So far, so good. I have a lot of ideas: always a big plus! The days and nights are evening out, here in the far North. What this means for me is an awakening of my mind and spirit and a sudden, strong and wonderful renewal in my ability to be creative.


BookGirl said...

Very, very beautiful piece, Eero. Congratulations on your solo show! A belated happy birthday, and sending many good wishes your way.

Chrissy Johnson said...

Have you tried the gold leaf in a tube yet? I picked some up from Blaine's here in Anchorage yesterday...curious to see the results.

Sheree Rensel said...

Eero, I might just be emailing you to find out about working with gold leaf. I just got the urge to try it. I have used gold paint for ions. I want the real thing now. Those paintings you show here are luscious!! Great job! :-)

B. Diederich said...

I love the drawing of this knot--just beautiful!
Found your site when searching for Homer blogs.