Sunday, March 08, 2009

Plate project

The Bunnell Street Arts Center invited me to participate in their annual membership/fundraising Plate Project. I just got a box in the mail of the green fired ceramic plates and multiple film canisters of glazes. Above: the initial sketches.

The work table in full swing. The plate got a coat of apricot orange with a deeper, mandarin orange around the edge.

Orange. Can't get away from it.

The fortune cookies are left bare, so they'll be bright with only a transparent glaze before firing. Sadly, I didn't get any yellow glaze!!! This omission is creating some surprising challenges for me.

The finished plate. The other two I get to paint are different shapes: one with folded corners (got a plan for that one) and one with blobby additions to the surface (totally bamboozled with that one...).

The ribbon around the top will fire out as a soft rose pink and says, "It was everything I had hoped for, and I'll do it again."

This phrase was a struggle to figure out, since most of the phrases and sentences rolling around in my head these days are somthing like, "I will miss him until the day I die" and "Maybe, when I die, I'll have it written into my will to have our ashes mixed together" and "Oh my God, I better get my ass in gear and do our taxes."

My current favorite image....endless permutations available.