Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Plates, finished

So I'm supposed to be making paintings for my show in May but it's hard going. As I posted previously, Bunnell Street Gallery sent me some plates to decorate with glazes for their annual fundraiser---these are the last 2.

Above, titled "Good Fortune"

A detail of the center. If you can't read it, the ongoing, multiple fortune says things like, "You will find money, Your pants will never be too tight, Everyone will laugh at your jokes, and Your children will all be geniuses." I mean, there's some real good fortune, right? The things that are important. I am so funny....

This last plate had me stumped. It had 3 areas where patches of porcelain had been added onto the surface of the plate and the exterior edge was uneven. It was blobby and organic, so I went with a soil theme. The porcelain blobs, I made into dahlia tubers with surrounding grass. As you can see, the title is written on it, "The Secret Life of Tubers" cuz I'm so damned funny. No, really!


Whatever the glazes are, I love 'em. Nice slurry paints to work with.
I kind of wish I could get more plates, they're so fun to paint. I know that it's just a means of procrastinating on working towards my next show, however. I am a gold medalist procrastinator.
It's snowing.....again.


painter girl said...

I LOVE These!
Wonderful and you really are too funny. Great sense of humor. Anytime you want to do more plates, I would love to collaborate.

Anonymous said...

I came here for brief view due to your comment post on Jill Homer's blog. Just thought I'd say I think you images are good bc not too large, good for dial up persons, wondered if you yourself had dial up service up there in Alaska. Anyway, thx for good sized images. Nice plate(s).

Lillian said...

Nice work! It's great to be able to keep up with your art here!

Hope the weather is thawing out up there.

Think of you often, want to see you on Face Book, if you feel the urge.


Eero said...

Hey there Lillian,
I have mixed feelings about the whole facebook thing...

What I really want is more facetime, not more facebook!


Anonymous said...

awesome plates!