Saturday, July 25, 2009

People, places and Art at VSC....

My spartan room here at the Vermont Studio Center.

Working in my (HUGE) studio.

Sean's demon. He's a brilliant technical artist.

Scott's book. A fellow text lover.

Sean and Neal.

Barbara. Beautiful pastels artist and fellow MFA student.

Cheryl. One of the artists I admire most here.

James' birds. An intricate and clever project.

Sabrina, who makes art with anything and everything she can get her hands on!

Michael's sculptures, tools and weapons: all made from one piano.

My studio: finished works.

James and Scott laughing---which is what they do everytime they're around each other. These guys are my best friends here at 'art camp.'

Bill, metal sculptor extraordinaire.

Natalia the Canadian.

Cathy, also a fellow MFA student.

Less than a week left here in Vermont! The time here has been amazing---I'm so glad I'll be coming back in a few months. This whole experience has been just what I needed. to the studio.