Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Delta Clearwater

We did a quick overnight trip on the Delta Clearwater. We had to take advantage of two whole days without rain! Cousin B., Luna and Fromage in the canoe.

Eero in the little yellow kayak....

The Clearwater on a clear sky evening. So beautiful and peaceful....except for that I was starving.

Camp Irving at the 100 year old trappers cabin. Since first seeing this cabin four years ago, I have wanted to stay the night there. Cousin B and Fromage slept in tents....I stayed inside.

The interior. A little worse for wear, but like me, it cleaned up good! I slept on the cot nearest the barrel stove. I woke up during the night and saw the flicker of firelight playing on the cabin walls and felt total contentment. I am not a woman who needs 5-star hotels and any kind of luxury to be happy. Give me an old cabin and a woodstove....and lots of food.

The modern world was here, regardless! Cousin B got cell/internet on his iphone and sent emails. Yes, he found it ironic, too.

Cousin B caught a beautiful grayling right at the size limit. We wanted to put salt and pepper on it before baking it....but alas, no spices in the cabin. We did have Salt & Pepper potato chips however! We crushed some and stuffed the fish. Risky move, but it tasted great.

The grayling, deshabille.

Next day, in the opaque waters of the Tanana River. A faster current here...

Fromage and Luna back at home, tired from the adventure.


leanne pizio said...

Your travels are always so amazing. I love being able to get a glimpse of the Alaskan wilderness. It is fun to live vicariously through your pictures. Thanks your travel posts!

Hi Lili Hi Lili Hi Low said...

Looks lovely! You must have been out the day I moaning "I wish I was on the river!"

Kathy Hodge said...

Your hunting cabin reminded me a little of the dune shack I stayed in on Cape Cod last week. And the feeling of contentment of having just what you need, and none of the crap you don't.