Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mushroom Hunting: Part 2

A spore print from the cap of an agaric with white spores. I set it overnight---very beautiful!

I found this beautiful lichen today...

....and look at the intricacy of it's sexy bits!

I met some really interesting folks in my class: Ana, an oceanographer, studying a new find.

This is Mark with an 'artist's conk.'
He's studing biology at University on the GI Bill.
(This picture doesn't do him justice...I think he's something like 6' 4".)

A great fungal infection (?) in a birch. Apparently, there is a type of fungal growth like this which is highly sought after. It is dried and powdered, then sold as a tea in Asian markets. One learns so many interesting things in fungi class....

Our teacher, Dr. Gary Laursen.
A really brillant and funny person!
He is one of those teachers that can make any and every class a good one.

Someone in my class was being a smartass with their collection.....too funny.


Leslie said...

that spore print is so cool! I want to make one...but on cloth, maybe homemade dinner napkins or something?

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to take on of these classes...maybe this year...?

Unkle Johnny