Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Smoky Clearwater

Snag in the Clearwater channel.


A blissfully quiet and still place...

Fromage and I went out canoeing on the Clearwater Lake near Delta Junction. Too smoky from the terrible forest fires right now to float the entire river. Plus, we got a late start....

Fromage and the moose in the water---a cow with two calves. She was eating water reeds and they stayed on the marshy shore, bleating to her to return.

We were paddling along back to the landing in the evening when we saw a strange object far off in the water. With the smoke, it was hard to understand---a kayaker? A small a canoe on the other side of the lake? Suddenly I realized it was actually very close and it was a swimming moose! Only his head, stubby antlers and ears were above the water. I shot this video, and you can get an idea of his speed and strength. Perhaps it doesn't come through clearly on the audio, but Fromage says, "Eat your heart out Michael Phelps!"


Young swimming bull. We didn't get any closer. He was at a disadvantage in the water and I didn't want to scare OR antagonize him.

Beautiful trees in the channel. I told a friend recently that this river float is like a six hour zen meditation.

Eero on the river.


Anonymous said...

HEY...SORRY i AIN'T BEEN IN BETTER TOUCH...DON'T HAVE THE DAILY ACCESS TO MY COMUTER...hope to fix this once the ching ching comes rollin in.....

Johnny in Portland

Leslie said...

aaaah...these photos make me so ACUTELY aware of my wilderness-deprivation as of late. living in FBKS really *is* paradise, no matter how miserable the winter can be. PERIOD. :-)

Titanium said...

Awesome pix and clips! The Clearwater is a beauty, even in a shroud of smoke. Tranquil and serene- and full of surprises, all at once.