Monday, October 26, 2009

Leaving the Freezing World

Tanana river view...
I'm heading out for my second residency at the Vermont Studio Center. Yay! I've really been counting the days for the last three months; so anticipating going back and reveling in the art immersion.
Before I left AK, I had to finish several paintings for two shows I had agreed to do: an invitational group show at The Annex, and the 6th Annual Woman Show at The Alaska House. It wasn't a good idea to take up these invitations, as I was working on a large portfolio project for school that took more time and effort than I could ever have planned on. Regardless, I got everything done.



Acrylic, acrylic ink, gold leaf on wood

This painting I finished the night before I left....! I hate doing things last minute, but I'd imagined the finishing steps of this piece so much that actually working on it was smooth and trouble free (not always the case). My idea for the intricate drawing was seed images, morphed. I wanted to show a drop seed---one that has appurtenances that allow it to move/fly/fall farther from it's parent.

Of course, when I showed this painting to Fromage, hoping to get a good, straightforward appraisal he said, "Jeez, what's with all the giant sperm?"

Yikes! He's absolutely right, too. Since I'll be in Vermont, I'll miss the opening night for the show this painting will be in......good and bad, seeing as I painted giant sperm. I'll let my commrades and constituents in the local arts scene scratch their heads and wonder, haha!

Next up.....reports from 4,000 miles away.


Lili of the Valley said...

Hello traveler! I never got to tell you about my trip to San Antonio- one of those big flowering-horn plants (like the one you have) was growing at the Alamo. I kicked myself because I couldn't remember the name (brumancia?) but this one was COVERED in huge flowers all drooping down like big morning-glory horns. It was awesome and I thought of you.
Good painting and have fun on Halloween!

Eero said...

You almost got it right---it's Brugmansia. Awww, you thought of me!

I *hope* I have fun on Halloween. I brought the creepy Kabuki Ghost costume, so I'm ready to freak people out. Hopefully, the other artists are going to be fun on the best holiday of the year...