Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Winter slide

I'm getting used to being back home in AK. Okay, okay....I'm sleeping and eating a lot! Haha! No, really---coming down off of the intensity of my November residency has been absolutely necessary. Being at VSC requires a lot of structure to my time, long hours in the studio and constant socializing...that last one being particularly wearing on me. I like me some friends and some people--but not all the time. I've been totally enjoying the quiet and solitude at home. Totally enjoying just having Fromage around and seeing some good friends now and then. My studio has yet to wake up to my return! I do independant studio packets in my months away from school, so I have to get rolling on art very soon. Also, my next solo show is in July of 2010, a scant 7 months away. Time to get that underway, for sure.

Above---the half-finished garden bed to honor my very first motorcycle, a 1971 Honda CB 450. ---the snow tidies it up beautifully! We're down to 4 or so hours of daylight now. I took a nap around 2pm and missed the actual sunlight of the day!

My only productivity this week has been making this hat---knitted with Lion Brand Wool Ease. Yes, yes---I am kind of a yarn snob, and this yarn doesn't actually fit into that attitude! Turns out I'm just that wee bit allergic to wool in most of it's forms...so this acrylic blend stuff doesn't itch. I LOVE knitting in the winter! It totally sastisfies this OCD side of me, too. Curling up on the couch, cold outside, good movie (lately renting episodes of Fringe) and knitting. I do wonder if it gives me a false sense of productivity, however. Siphoning off a little of that creative angst, maybe?? Haha. No worries---knitting can never take the place of painting for me.

Happy December, ya'll. I hope you're each finding some satisfying winter creativity wherever you are.


Leslie said...

LOVE that hat! also love that photo of you-- has something of sacajawea, noble savage about it

Eero said...

Haha! 'Noble savage'---I like that.

Anonymous said...

This Pineapple Express-driven weather sure has made it alot easier to enjoy winter activities; snow kayaking has been at the top of the list, in this corner.

BookGirl said...

Great hat! And congrats on the cycle.