Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Plates, finished

So I'm supposed to be making paintings for my show in May but it's hard going. As I posted previously, Bunnell Street Gallery sent me some plates to decorate with glazes for their annual fundraiser---these are the last 2.

Above, titled "Good Fortune"

A detail of the center. If you can't read it, the ongoing, multiple fortune says things like, "You will find money, Your pants will never be too tight, Everyone will laugh at your jokes, and Your children will all be geniuses." I mean, there's some real good fortune, right? The things that are important. I am so funny....

This last plate had me stumped. It had 3 areas where patches of porcelain had been added onto the surface of the plate and the exterior edge was uneven. It was blobby and organic, so I went with a soil theme. The porcelain blobs, I made into dahlia tubers with surrounding grass. As you can see, the title is written on it, "The Secret Life of Tubers" cuz I'm so damned funny. No, really!


Whatever the glazes are, I love 'em. Nice slurry paints to work with.
I kind of wish I could get more plates, they're so fun to paint. I know that it's just a means of procrastinating on working towards my next show, however. I am a gold medalist procrastinator.
It's snowing.....again.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Plate project

The Bunnell Street Arts Center invited me to participate in their annual membership/fundraising Plate Project. I just got a box in the mail of the green fired ceramic plates and multiple film canisters of glazes. Above: the initial sketches.

The work table in full swing. The plate got a coat of apricot orange with a deeper, mandarin orange around the edge.

Orange. Can't get away from it.

The fortune cookies are left bare, so they'll be bright with only a transparent glaze before firing. Sadly, I didn't get any yellow glaze!!! This omission is creating some surprising challenges for me.

The finished plate. The other two I get to paint are different shapes: one with folded corners (got a plan for that one) and one with blobby additions to the surface (totally bamboozled with that one...).

The ribbon around the top will fire out as a soft rose pink and says, "It was everything I had hoped for, and I'll do it again."

This phrase was a struggle to figure out, since most of the phrases and sentences rolling around in my head these days are somthing like, "I will miss him until the day I die" and "Maybe, when I die, I'll have it written into my will to have our ashes mixed together" and "Oh my God, I better get my ass in gear and do our taxes."

My current favorite image....endless permutations available.