Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting Ready

"The Favorite Day"
Acrylic, gold leaf on birch panel

The opening of my solo exhibit fast approaches. I'll be showing 10 paintings, all acrylic, gold leaf and acrylic inks on birch panels. It's a smaller gallery, so I'll be showing smaller works. Most of them are 12"x18" and 12"x12." I like working in this small (for me) format---the things I say in the paintings tend to be more subtle and...well, cute, to be honest.

It's been hard going to put this show together. I've had a lot of things pulling my attention away from the studio. There have been a lot of big changes in my life in the last three months. One would say this could be fodder for new work, but the changes haven't yet traslated into the lexicon of painting images. It takes time, you does everything.

The problem I am encountering on all fronts is that I don't know where exactly these changes are taking me. I'm the kind of person who likes a plan, a list, an understanding of the where/how/why of things. I don't like uncertainty, because I don't know where it will land me. I also am unnerved by not knowing the best course of action.

I have many options and many decisions to be made over the course of the short Alaskan summer.

To leave you on an optimistic note:
After this show is up and opened and all is said and done... (and the snow has melted that much more)...I'm going to spiff up Sheila and start bicycle commuting to work again! Team Sharima is going to start up our summer riding! We may also add a new member, if he's serious about getting a bike.......(I really hope so!)