Friday, July 03, 2009

Golden Circle Bicycle Tour

Fromage and I drove south to Whitehorse, Y.T. to do a 400 mile bicycle tour. Here, at the Alcan boundary marker. There's a letterbox hidden near here that I've been looking forward to finding for years....but alas, it was missing.

In Whitehorse, fully loaded and ready to go! We fitted Sheila with front and rear racks/panniers while Fromage tried out the BOB trailer.

Fromage on the highway to Skagway. There are MANY pictures of Fromage from this viewpoint!

Hey, I look pretty good in this picture.....!

Myself, Sheila, and our location in the world...

Sheila, fully loaded! I love self-supported bicycle touring. LOVE IT. And, I love Sheila. She did great and it was a pleasure to ride her all day for a whole week through beautiful mountain country. Bicycle touring puts cycling, backpacking and camping all together in one package. Since I've done a fair amount of all three, this tour didn't seem too much of a stretch for a first time out. The good bit is that we used just about everything we brought and didn't lack for anything at the same time.

I went a little overboard on what I see as the bedrock essentials and brought too much coffee, bug spray and toilet paper. But hey---you run out of any of those three things and you get miserable in one way or another---am I right?

One of the nifty stops we made our first day was at Robinson's Roadhouse---noted as a historic site but not overly preserved, if you know what I mean. These train tracks were merging back into the wilderness...

An old cabin at Robinson's----so beautiful! When I'm at places like this, I always think, "Johnny would freakin LOVE this place!" He is my fellow abandoned building searcher from the old days. As it is, Fromage and I stayed awhile for lunch and exploring.

Fromage and Eero.

At Carcross we sat here overlooking the vast lake and ate ice cream and drank coffee. Stores and towns are few and far between on these roads, so we stopped at almost every one to eat, get water, have a treat or a rest. One great thing about bike touring---you can eat everything and anything ALL THE TIME, and it's all used up during the days riding. Plus, everything tastes better, so you want to eat twice as much. Heaven.

At our first camp. Mountain House Beef Stroganoff......mmmmmmmm.

I kept a logbook of this trip. Day One: 60.042 miles.

These flowers were at our camp off the road near Tagish Lake. Still have to look them up for identification. Their small twists of blossoms were by almost every roadside we biked. I now wish I'd taken more pictures of the amazing roadside flowers----there was an incredible variety, especially some unusual plants near the mountain passes on the Haines Highway.