Saturday, July 18, 2009

4000 Miles From Home

Acrylic and gold leaf on birch panel
I'm in Vermont at the first of six month long residencies for my graduate program. With a new place, friends, influences, landscape, smells, plants, etc., much new art is being born. Above, my first finished painting here. Very different from the ones that have come before it.

My studio----HUGE. I have a view of the back yard and garden, the river, and the sculpture studio yard and garden on the other side of that.

My studio building.

My window is the one in the middle of the middle. The first day I got this space, a GIANT moth was sitting on the outside of the windowscreen. Grey body, orange feathery antennae, and whitish circles on the outsides of its wings......and big as a bird! I thought it was an omen.

Two weeks gone and two weeks left. This is a pretty amazing and precious experience for me. I'm kind of falling in love with a few of my fellow artists and their work----did I mention I am here with geniuses? Yes, it's true. One of my favorite artists here on sheer brilliant creativity alone is Cheryl Coon. Check her out.

Time to check out if they've got the sculpture pit bonfire going....