Friday, November 13, 2009

VSC, continued...

I went for a long walk the other morning. I'm experiencing some serious burn-out in the studio! This is compounded by a feeling that I've shot my load, so to speak: I've done what I needed to do here, I've done the best work I'm going to do here, and it's all over but the shouting. (Where does that saying come from? Some book or other??)

Anyway---long walk. This is the old electric station at the Gihon River. The treat was to see that chalk? drawing on the concrete retaining wall. Someone had to be adventurous to get down there with art supplies.

I got to do just a wee bit of letterboxing last week! Always so much fun. This one was a series where the boxes were pretty close to each other. 7 in the series and only one we couldn't find among them. I did find my very first, real, live acorn, however! Thrills abound! No, really---I'm a lifelong Alaskan---I've only ever seen pictures of acorns. Seriously!

Here's the base sketch for a drawing/painting (oil bar, again) I titled, "The Pact." 41"x29." I keep doing these twinned women....

This is the almost finished piece. I resolved their hands to be holding each other tightly. The face of the woman on the left wouldn't work and wouldn't work until I finally gave her a small, secretive smile and then voila, she was there. The women on the right side of these pictures always seem to have a lot of attitude....

A week left. Let's see if I can make just a few more pieces....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making all of the time worth it

"The Twins"
Oil bar on paper
November 2009

This is a new work from this week, done on November 9th. My project is going well---one artwork a day. I've fallen totally in love with oil bars, just a week after totally re-falling in love with chalk pastels. In addition, I'm also falling in love with working BIG, and thankfully still in love with paper, so I can roll all of this stuff up to ship home. The good bit is that I'm not worrying overmuch with framing, showing, selling, shipping, etc. It's very freeing---letting me do any and all images/styles/ideas I want to, disregarding outcome entirely, except for the requirement that I like it!

I'm also getting in a little tiny bit of photography this session. I brought along my super-sexy-fantastic camera, the Canon G40, and I promised myself I could take pix of anything and everything I felt was even mildly interesting. It's good to get back into the habit. Above, nifty patterns. I have a thing about in, I think they are kind of beautiful and very evocative.

There are kids art classes taught here in one of the studios. This is a big painting left on the wall---don't know if it's a work in progress or what, but my guess is that it's a full classroom effort. The whole painting is so great! Intricate little sea monsters and submarines and big, blobby jellyfish. There are even fish wearing hats and a guy in an undersea cage. Sheesh...I could get a month's artwork inspiration off of this one painting.

One of the best things about this place is the conversation. At any given mealtime, you can compare notes on studio practice, materials use, art methods. Just yesterday, I had a conversation with a printmaker named Amy who told me that when she pulls a multiple-layered print and it comes out perfectly, she'll stop for a moment and clap. Just do a little applauding for the artwork (and herself, I imagine) that this endeavor came out beautifully. She laughed when I told her my self congratulatory act was to step back from the artwork and say out loud, "I FU*%ING ROCK!" Not as elegant or mature as an ovation, I'm afraid....

Just 9 days left here. I can admit to being homesick. There are one or two things here that I will miss so much that I just know I'm going to do some serious crying after I leave! I've reserved a spot for next summer to continue my MFA, so there I go---another countdown to begin!

In the interim.....winter.