Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter work

Nothing much is happening...and I mean nothing. A little knitting, a little writing, a little job searching! It's the horse latitudes of winter...

I'm helping Fromage with a survey of some property North of town. It's three days of standing in the woods with the rod and prism at -5F. Or, -10F today, it turns out. Boring, but more interesting than reviewing another empty list of jobs I neither want to apply for or can't apply for.

We saw a moose the first day. She merely stood there, ears alert, gazing at us. To forstall any quick and ugly change in temper on her part, we both said "Hi there Moosie!" in bright, loud, annoying voices. Ears flicked back, she trotted off deeper into the snowy woods.
Above, Fromage with the instrument, making notes.

I wear multiple layers, and this great, stained and dirty military down coat. So warm! I haven't figured out the trick to warm feet, however. Yesterday, stomping a trail from one power pole to another, I realized that my feet had gotten cold enough to feel like I was walking on little stumps. Not good, but not really bad---no damage done.


Just a few days until winter solstice, and we start our climb back into the light!

An invite from my great adventure friend Shannon means I may head down to California for a bit in January. YES!!!

Did I mention knitting? I'm doing a lacework hat that's making me cross-eyed. I do a few rows, then put it down and rest. It has a pattern of climbing leaves, and I think it'll be beautiful.