Saturday, March 13, 2010


Who doesn't like a peek at another artist's sketchbook? Too seldom do I get to see how my comrades and colleagues keep sketches and notes. Here are a few pages from my current book. I keep about one a year, using Strathmore 12"x9" 100 sheet 60#....usually. These pages are all from this month. Above: ideas for stitched together paintings from other, cut-up older paintings, and some practice calligraphy Klingon in there, too.

Ink drawing ideas for oilbar painting/drawings. There's no way I can get the oilbar very intricate without introducing turps/oils and brushes, but hey...a girl can dream, right? One of these ideas came to fruition, although it took a hard right about halfway to completion and you wouldn't recognise it next to the sketch.

Ink drawing is fabulous for listening to stories or lectures and letting the mind wander while the hand works.

More ideas for cut and assembled paintings. One of these was a fabulous idea---and pretty much fell flat upon bringing it into the real world! Damn! I still want to make the bark pods. How cool are they?

Someone told me I should loosen up in my sketchbook and this is what happened. Step one was to lay down some errant watercolor. Step two was to put on "Naked" by David Sedaris on CD. Step three was to draw away with an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie while stopping to laugh now and then. (I LOVE it when Sedaris reads his own stuff. He's brilliant! ) Beads and braids showed up, but I don't know what some of those other things are. Interesting to see how when I just let go, the overall look is a little....cartoony? What do you think?

So---let me throw down the gauntlet here: If you have a sketchbook, post some pages and leave a comment with a link back to your blog. I showed you mine, now you show me yours!

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bugheart said...

your sketchbook
is so amazing!
i am shy to post mine.
i have no where
the amazingness.
didn't get your
bday package in mail
before left to paris.
mailing it this week.