Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cliff Diving and Boy Bologna

An extremely icy spring gave me a good scare Friday night. This is my truck in my driveway, yes, hanging its ass over the powerline cut's steep embankment. Damn. I literally threw my stuff and myself free of the truck since I was terrified of letting my foot of the brake. When heading into the driveway, I engaged the hubs and took it nice and slow---to no avail. I almost immediately lost control and the truck spun a 180. Every attempt to actually drive forward resulted in the car sliding inexorably backwards. I got a kind rescue from my helpful neighbors Nelle and Joe who had big tow straps and a ratchet winch. There was one good sized tree just in range...

No posts for almost a month! I've been occupied with work, grad school, spring, art, etc. etc. etc. All of the usual suspects.

Fromage has returned from his first venture out to Arctic Man and on his way back through Delta Junction, stopped at the market for some Russian goodies. Along with chocolates and cookies with unreadable names, he brought me this:

Boy Bologna! Don't packaged foods usually have a picture of what they're made of?? Haha! It's in a clear plastic, too---that pink color?---that's the color of the food....little cheerful Russian boy colored, I guess. Will we eat it? That's a story for another post.

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