Sunday, July 11, 2010

An evening view of the Red Mill. Vermont has been stuck in the east coast heatwave this last week. For an Alaskan woman, it's the tropics! In all honesty, it's wearing me out. I need some cool nights to compose myself. My studio and dorm room have been alternately stuffy and sweltering! Hopefully cooler weather is on the way and I can better concentrate on my painting.

An excerpt of a recent 40"x30" painting tentatively titled, "Winter Protectes the Hibernators." Pictured above is one of the Hibernators---in coldsleep, reduced to only it's spiritual mask. I made this painting to channel winter and all it's lovely coolness! I amuse myself greatly, sometimes.

I'm working solely in oilbars on heavy Stonehenge watercolor paper prepped with acrylic gel medium to seal it. Who knows if this has any archival qualities at all.... What I do know is that these materials make me happy right now, and I have no lack of ideas and inspiration when I'm working with them. Gotta go with what you know---you know?

Another critter from a painting that I'll call, "The Truce." It's a rather romantic painting at it's heart which, strangely enough, no one else seems to see. If all artworks are autobiographical, that means that I've just painted myself as a nubile, red-fleshed bunny headed woman with horns. I think it means I like me quite a lot, because this character kicks ass! So entertaining...

So far, reactions to the four paintings I've completed have been rather desultory. I don't need accolades and acclaim to keep working, but a few choice compliments are always enjoyed. I haven't gotten around to many of the other studios to see my fellow resident's work. The slide show this week promises to be very revealing!

Now---to cool off and get back to the studio.


Leanne Pizio said...

Feeling so excited about your work and then having fellow artists not see it's brilliance is always disappointing. But I am glad that you are not letting that change your focus. the bunny goat headed girl is so intriguing. She reminds me of Gaugin's painting Eve don't listen to the liar. Interesting!

Lili of the Valley said...

I love your pix- I'm glad your posting them so I can see your studio and the school. I hope you chat with someone about your online class!