Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's all over but the shouting...

Art camp is over. I'm now 4,000 miles away (again) and get to remember and reflect on everything. I can get enormously nostalgic, wistful and sad about leaving VSC... but this time around, I don't think I can indulge! Fromage and I are moving---this week!---and all mental/emotional efforts must be directed towards logistics.

That said, I will miss VSC, my studio, new friends, fun and freedom there hugely. I am always in love with that place...

My third residency for my MFA program, this is the group for our final critique. 5 great people with me in July! Cathy, James, Scott, Liz, Barbara and pictured here---Monica, Susan and Ken, included. ("Looooooooowwww-rez! High Def!")

I finished 9 paintings this month. 7 oil bar on paper (sealed ground), and 2 chalk/charcoal and gesso/acrylic on paper (ditto). All 30"x40" with one 30"x20". I have a few uber-faves already, but time will tell which ones are truly the cream that rise to the top.

I also got to go to Montreal for a few hours with aforementioned MFA peeps. A wonderful city! Too short a time to do a lot of exploring. We were there for an art museum jaunt, and I saw some wonderfully inspiring stuff. This place is one of my favorite memories.

Detail from one of the 2 black and white paintings I did. They were a nice rest from the super-saturated colors of the oil bar paintings. I was a little surprised at how much attention and appreciation these garnered. Folks really seemed to enjoy them.

I also got in some adventures with my Vermont 'boxing partner. A wonderful time!

A sad farewell day, yesterday. (Was it really just yesterday?) This is Jason Swift (Dr. Swift, to you!) and Harlan Mack at the Schultz Sculpture Studio building.

James Lockhart and Scott Ketchum, both my fellow MFA'ers, great artists and wonderfully funny guys.

Everyone leaving... A wonderful month with fellow artists and new friends! I always leave a residency feeling changed and inspired.

Too bad my art making will be limited for a bit, or I'd put this inspiration to good use. Right now, a new project: moving 3,000 miles south with Fromage for a one-year adventure in California!

Today---one task among so many---car shopping for a good rig to get us down the Alcan. Wish us luck!

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Joe's blog said...

Oh, I like the black and white one.
I'm doing some Elvis now and Marlene Dietrich is finished.
I really enjoy your blog!