Sunday, July 04, 2010

Short on words, long on jet lag

A good opening for my exhibit this past Friday night. Nice folks who showed genuine interest in my paintings. It was remarkably anti-climactic, considering the amount of stress and preparation I put myself through in these last few weeks!

The gallery with visitors. No sales as of yet, but it'll be up for the whole month, so there's time and luck for that.

The day after the opening I flew on to Vermont to do another residency at the Vermont Studio Center. I've already met nifty people and once again, have an interesting room and a good studio. Jet lag is kicking my butt tonight, given that 7 hr. overnight flight with the seat that wouldn't recline, so no art for me just yet. I went in after dinner and fondled my art supplies, arranged my oil sticks by color, that sort of thing. It really was the best I was capable of! Now---time to get a real night's sleep, I hope.
More soon on how the residency and my work here develops!

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