Monday, August 23, 2010

3,135.2 Miles

After returning from another wonderful month at the Vermont Studio Center (a.k.a. 'Art Camp') I joined forces with Fromage to pack up our house---the next adventure: moving to California! Above is my studio....the dismantling...

We did all of this in just 8 days----packed, stored, tossed, gave away, left... We built this house and lived there for 6 years. Leaving it was difficult.

The studio, gone... Such a strange feeling to walk through my own, empty, echoing house!

We left on 8/9/ auspicious set of numbers, I was hoping. We bought this Xterra as the car for our 'new life.' A good choice, for sure! It was a real treat to drive the Alcan in a car that we knew (90% sure) that it wouldn't break down. We took our belongings for an entire year in that 4'x4' Uhaul...not even full! As we were packing, Fromage kept advising me; "Extended camping trip!"

On the road. Since we've arrived in CA, I keep having nightmares about towing a Uhaul around...go figure.

After Whitehorse, YT, we came upon a herd of wood bison 30+ strong! Some of those beasts were so big as to seem prehistoric! I've driven the Alcan 6 times and I've never gotten to see these guys.

All cars pulled over and let these dudes have the road for as long as they needed it...

The Watson Lake Sign Forest---there was a letter box hidden here and we were excited to find it, but upon following the clues it became obvious that the growth of the sign forest had taken out the letterbox. I think the forest is about 50 times bigger than I remember it being last time I was here...2000?

Chetwynd, BC, home of the best dang chainsaw carvings I have EVER seen! It was good to get some art exposure in on this long roadtrip. It took us 7 days to drive from Fairbanks, AK to Santa Rosa, CA. 350-600 miles a day.

Our next in Cache Creek, BC at a very cozy campground---with a pool! Talk about roughing it, right??

Fromage and I, the morning of the last day of our trip.
And now?

Setting up the new life:

House /home hunting,

Job hunting,

Finding a few old friends who live around here (successful x3!),

and figuring out where everything is.

Big city (for us) and lots of traffic and people crawing everywhere. A big change from our old life...

Wish us luck!


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Anonymous said...

Love these peeks into your grand adventure - those wood bison are spiritual!
I'm working on a piece for a literary magazine about leaving Alaska (a feat that we undertook in late June ). Would you mind if I sent you a brief email and picked your brain a bit about it? It's an unconventional piece, not a straightforward interview and names aren't used or anything.
Looking forward to seeing the art and life you create in California!

bugheart said...

how exciting!
i have your
new address...
letters to follow.