Monday, September 27, 2010

The Tree of Life

A long hiatus in posting---setting up a new life will keep a blogger busy, for sure! Sorry for the long quiet. So many big changes have kept me reeling---and just trying to keep up.

We've landed! We've now been in California for 6 weeks (as of yesterday). We are still climatizing to a new place, new landscape, new everything. Fromage is really enjoying school---excellent, since that is the reason we're here. His concerns that he'd be the only over-20-something in class was unfounded. Turns out most, if not all, of his fellow students in his department are in similar life/age circumstances as he is.

Moi---I'd hoped to land a job right away, but my eclectic job skills keep me looking a little harder. Photo Archivist, anyone? Plant handler? Flower basket assembler? Orchid rustler? Many good skills, just not a place to put them yet. As my wise friend Shannon told me; "Don't fight it! Understand that there is a flow to it all!" She advised me to relax into the new life and not to push it as was good to hear.

I have made one good friend here. Okay, yeah, it's a PLANT...but you knew I'd say that, right? In the photo above, the GIANT grapefruit tree in our wee lawn. This is the reason I named our place "Grapefruit Cottage," as this behemoth has great presence here. Why is it my friend? Every time I go out and do some yard work, the tree drops some fruit for me. I'd say it was just a coincidence....but it's happened too many times for that. The tree likes me.

Just look at all this fruit! I can't keep up with eating it, of course...not that I've tried. Still, it's really, really good grapefruit. (And a few lemons in this collection---the neighbor's tree drops them over the fence...maybe it likes me, too?)

When I walk by the grapefruit tree, I make sure to knock on it's trunk. Just a little rap. Did you know this is the origin of 'knock on wood?' It was believed that gods/spirits lived in certain trees, and to knock on the tree was to invoke the good luck or protection of the entity that lived there. (Can't hurt, right?) Besides---it's such a big, beautiful tree....

Our home in California---Grapefruit Cottage! Setting up California life: so far, so good.