Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Job

Okay---I got a job. It's not my ideal job. In fact, it's not even a really good job---it's not a job I want! Still, it is a job and it's income. I could be very (VERY) negative about the whole situation and complain/whine/bitch about it....but I won't. I've chosen to be optimistic, realistic and even a little cheerful about the whole thing. Why? Because it's temporary. This job doesn't define me or declare my future in any way. It's just a paycheck for a few months. Believe me---it's just a few months! I am already counting the weeks until I get to go back for my 4th residency at the Vermont Studio Center.....

Until then?

Setting up my Ad Hoc Studio (blog post to come!) and.....working.

How about you? Ever have a job you disliked but did it anyway for whatever reason and whatever span of time? Tell me, comrade!


Pete said...

Howdy - your blog has been in the "blogs" section of my favorites menu for years!, and I've finally been moved to comment simply because I feel for you in having to take a crappy job in the untested waters of a new state... I found your blog back when I first moved to Fairbanks around '06 and did a blogger search for Fairbanks blogs - then, when I took a math class with Fromage, I recognized him from the blog (he may have told you about this) so we became acquainted. At any rate, I feel like everyone I know who's moved to California has had a really tough time finding work - plus, coming from Alaska, it seems like one would just feel so overwhelmed by other HUMANS. It would be easy to get discouraged and I've admired your positive attitude.

My crappy work story is I moved back to PA years ago to help my sister with some twin boys she had (single mom) and wound up getting a dreadful clerk job at a natural food store, which SOUNDS mellow and cool but wasn't - it paid about 7 dollars an hour and the boss was an absolute tyrant, belittled me, yelled, nit-picked, etc. I worked there 8 months almost simply because I wasn't gonna let it beat me.

So I would say this: as long as a person doesn't have a boss (or, potentially, co-workers) that really, really treats them like shit, then be thankful at least for that. And probably there's never any good excuse for putting up with that (particularly not past the age of, say 25, when self-respect starts to really kick in, making those situations truly untenable).

Plus lately we can always blame crappy jobs on the economy.

Hang in there, Alaska will be waiting for ya'll when you're done!

Eero said...

Thanks, Pete!
Funny---I didn't think anyone read this blog anymmore. Thanks for your comment.
Yeah, I *could* get discouraged, but with the knowledge that this is a temporary situation and just a year-long adventure, nothing has the gravitas it otherwise would.
And YES! Looking forward to going home to Alaska!

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