Monday, February 22, 2010

Tolovana 2010

Betsey, Kimbo and Yukon at the trail head.

Shelter at the summit, now forever in my heart named the Tea Hut.
(Don't recognise this clever shelter? It's a 1000 gal. water tank.)

Eero at the hut...
Access is a hole carved in the side.

Tea party with bacon!
A perfect rest and recharge after three hours of skiing.

In the hut...

If it was a Kiva...?

Beautiful woods on the trail inbound.

Our cozy Frame Cabin. Maybe 100 sq. ft?

My Frommage.

Party in the Log Cabin.
Kimbo, Rachel, Joe, Amy and Tom.

The dinners on this trip were epic.

16 people, 13 dogs...of which only the 6 sled dogs stayed outside.

Marley. The patriarch dog who made the whole 11 mile trek...
albeit with a few naps in the trail, if the stories are to be believed.
(I love Chows.)

Frommage in his finery, post-soaking.

The cold sun at the summit on the way out.

Warm temps around +20 but a frigid, biting wind all day!

4 hours to ski in and the same to ski out. Excellent trail conditions this year!