Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sculpture Dedication

Fromage and I went to the dedication of a new piece of public sculpture in Santa Rosa, "Cyclisk," a 5-story tall obelisk made entirely of recycled bicycle parts. Brilliant! It wasn't a huge crowd...inteterestingly enough, the folks there seemed to be a representation of the fringe bicycling society in the area. This fellow showed up, a sculptor named Todd Barricklow, who created this amazing bike naed the Two Penny. When riding, he sits 13 feet above the ground. Fromage and I were most impressed!

Fromage and I, sunny day in California....

The Cyclisk, a detail to show you it's makeup. How ingenious is this?! Love it.

Even more clever is the fact that it is solid, but not opaque, given it's composition. If you stand in its shadow, you get this wonderful view anytime of day. The sculpture graces this rather industrial road in SR...diners, used car lots, discount furniture places and tattoo parlors....and the shiny Nissan dealership, who sponsored the financial funding for the sculpture. The dealership owner spoke at the dedication and I was impressed by what he had to say. Also, the mayor arrived and said a few words! I appreciated the fact that she was rather honest about SR, in that it was a 'city in transition,' and that this sculpture was part of it's improvement and renewal towards a better city.


Two months here and I still haven't been able to find a job. Talk about stressful! With my myriad, mosaic-like work history, you'd think I could get a job just about anywhere, doing anything. The days of walking into a place and impressing them with your personal demeanor are over, however. All job applications are online. It's your very impressive resume, or you are SOL. Maybe that's been my downfall.... Like I said, stressful. Let me add 'scary,' too.

On a positive note, I've joined the Santa Rosa Cycling Club and have been getting my ass whupped in some 40 mile group rides....18 riders in the pack at one time! New experiences abound! I also joined a local, informal knitting group. When in a new place and without the structured socialization of work or school.....join as many groups as you can.

Wish me luck in my job search. I NEED IT.