Thursday, November 11, 2010

Asking for a Sign

So, one of the great benefits of moving to a new place is to gain a new perspective, right? You can look at where you've been and who you've been with a clearer eye. When you've landed in a new place, your strengths and weaknesses also come into clearer focus, given that you no longer have your tried and true signifiers to back you up. To say that this move to California has been a reality check is a big understatement.

I had very optimistic, healthy expectations for a new place: new job, new landscape, new adventures, new friends, new things to learn. I've found that not much of those hopes have been particularly easy to attain, however! I've gotten a rude awakening, in many respects.

I've had a difficult time finding a job, and the job I did land isn't spectacular by any means. Turns out that my job skills aren't all that marketable. Turns out that in this job market, I am not that hireable!

I joined a great cycling club, thinking I am a good cyclist. On a weekly basis, I go out on rides with folks in their 50's and 60's sporting heads of pure white hair---and they smoke my ass! Turns out I am not as strong or fast as I thought I was. Also, I found out that my beloved bike doesn't measure up to the roadies, either. (To hell with that though---I LOVE SHEILA.)

I think my suprised disappointments are all the more glaring for being in a new place. There's a greater divide between the positives and negatives, it seems.

This image is all too perfect for my impression of life in California, as I've encountered it!

I think I would be having a lot more fun if I came across a sign like this that would set me up for a job I'd be REALLY good at: wielding a chainsaw against a zombie hoard! (Funny thing, the job I finally got has me at a store where I'll be selling chainsaws...)

So true....