Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Job

Okay---I got a job. It's not my ideal job. In fact, it's not even a really good job---it's not a job I want! Still, it is a job and it's income. I could be very (VERY) negative about the whole situation and complain/whine/bitch about it....but I won't. I've chosen to be optimistic, realistic and even a little cheerful about the whole thing. Why? Because it's temporary. This job doesn't define me or declare my future in any way. It's just a paycheck for a few months. Believe me---it's just a few months! I am already counting the weeks until I get to go back for my 4th residency at the Vermont Studio Center.....

Until then?

Setting up my Ad Hoc Studio (blog post to come!) and.....working.

How about you? Ever have a job you disliked but did it anyway for whatever reason and whatever span of time? Tell me, comrade!