Saturday, January 15, 2011


The New Year! I was fortunate enough to spend Christmas with the Fromage side of the family in Mississauga with trips into Toronto (great city!) Here, my happy and personal contact with the great Henry Moore sculpture outside the Art Gallery of Toronto. I do love traveling, even though at times it was exhausting. I have a deep and dangerous love of the familiar, so busting myself out of that habit was great----even in the short time I've been living in California, I've developed some habit ruts. So easy! Regardless---new faces, new places, new experiences and above all; new art. Always good.

Now on the horizon is my eagerly awaited trip to the Vermont Studio Center for my 4th residency. After just a few months of working a truly CRAPPY job, I am more than ecstatic about going back to the place that seems more and more like my own special haven: a place where I get to do, talk and be art for 30 days, non-stop. I haven't done much art at all in California---the aforementioned crappy job, the unheated shed which I could have made into a kind of studio, the focus on other important projects. It's life interfering, you know? More and more, I begin to understand at a deep level that creating or doing anything truly important in life requires setting aside so many other things that may be short-term important or even just easier to deal with. It's prioritizing on a tectonic level.

Now---a sunny day, a couple of free hours before I begin one of my last few days at the aforementioned crappy job.

It's a new year: Here's to NEWNESS in so many forms! Here's to renewal and beginnings and hope and all that good stuff.


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